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Leaders lead. They are in the habit of giving directions and those directions being followed.

Leaders are more accustomed to giving feedback than receiving it. And while a team member would be acting recklessly to ignore an evaluation from the leader, the leader risks much less by ignoring feedback coming from the team. 

And the reason is simple. Due to arrogance, ignorance or cowardice, leaders often avoid accountability and challenging review.

But here’s the upside down truth: A leader cannot hide the results of his poor leadership.

The wise king who wrote Proverbs supported that fact when he gave us a valuable truth to expose poor leadership, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls.” (Proverbs 11:14)

To evaluate a leader, look at the people around him. 

Are team members demoralized? Are employees afraid or uncertain about their future? Are the people struggling under shifting responsibilities and unclear communication?  When the leader makes promises, does his team respond with eye-rolls and doubt?

Or is the team thriving and happy? Are the employees motivated because they see a clear path to professional growth and personal fulfillment? Are the people loving their job because they are clear about their mission and responsibilities? Does the team truly love their leader and believe in his stated mission?

A bad leader will hope no one reads these questions while thinking about him.

But a wise leader will bring these questions to his inner circle, do honest evaluation of his performance, and emerge with a stronger company.

Which kind of leader are you?

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