Passive thinking can persuade you that big obstacles are unbeatable. But the bigger army can lose. The larger boxer can get knocked out. The bigger company can fall behind its smaller competition. 

It’s important that a leader remember the size of his company or team does not predict the outcome. 

The upside down business idea is this: It is the wisdom of the team, not its size, that will produce winning results. 

Sure, healthy scaling is good. Solid growth trends are a positive. 

Size alone is not a guarantee of legacy. The number of employees, divisions, or teams will provide strength. But such strength is not invincible. 

In fact, the Scriptures teach wisdom has a competitive advantage over strength

“A wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.” Proverbs 21:22

Grow strong.

But also grow wise. 

Wise team members turn into wise leaders. And wise leaders make wise organizations. And wise organizations have the advantage. 

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