Most leaders would say anger is harmful for office culture and they try to avoid it. 

However, some of those same leaders excuse a fit of unchecked anger if they believe the situation warrants it. They assume their fury can motivate the unmotivated, clarify the need for urgency, or instill productive fear in their team.

But they are wrong. 

Unbridled anger is the wrong tactic. That is why the upside down business idea is this: Unchecked anger is always selfish and unproductive.

The wise king who wrote the Proverbs knew the high cost of a lack of self control. “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” (Proverbs 25:28)

The king knew that a wise leader protects and guards his team. A wise leader does not leave his team vulnerable and fearful. A wise leader is patient, controlled and kind. He is not overly critical nor hurtful with his words. He understands his organization is safer and more productive because of it. 

Do you motivate your team with manipulation, criticism and fear? Or do you motivate with patient kindness and generous affirmation? 

A team that is motivated by their leader’s insults and criticisms will only serve until they find a more mature leader.

Build a team that will last with patience. Keep them on mission with gentleness. Protect them with self-control. 

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