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When a well-known politician or celebrity travels in close proximity to large amounts of people, they often hire guards to keep them safe. Crowds bring increased risk. And increased risk means increased need for protection.

The king who wrote the Proverbs for his son knew something else needed protection too. 

“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Like bodyguards huddled around a VIP, the king told his son to keep his heart safe. Some versions of the verse actually use the phrase “Guard your heart.”

Guards know what they are protecting. They are constantly keeping a watchful eye on it. They have a strategy. They anticipate attacks. There may even be an entire team of guards accountable for various possible vulnerabilities. 

Similarly, any person of influence and ambition must guard their heart. A business leader or decision maker must stand diligently on the lookout for signs of alarm. A particularly wise leader will enlist extra guards to help protect himself.  It is that protection that will preserve a legacy of principled success, but a lack of protection can destroy a man in mere moments.

The upside down business idea is this: A wise leader knows his heart needs protection. 

What are the three most significant vulnerabilities to guard against? 

A leader is careful to guard against these three dangers: arrogance, ignorance and cowardice.

A leader should guard against arrogance to keep from believing he alone has all the answers and that he can “do it all himself.”

A leader should guard against ignorance to keep from growing stagnant in his knowledge or skills.

A leader should guard against cowardice to keep from avoiding difficult actions merely because they are painful or inconvenient.

The battle for your heart is raging whether you know it or not. You are either planning to win or you are losing. 

Gather your guards and set out a wise strategy to keep your heart safe.
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