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The excellent author and organizational thinker, Patrick Lencioni has said “The health of an organization is the multiplier of its intelligence.” 

Expert speaker and viral TED star Simon Sinek became famous for his talk that argued “great leaders are someone who makes their workers feel secure.”

A leader who values “smart” over “healthy” will create an unhealthy culture.  His unhealthy company will have high levels of confusion, a lack of morale, increased turnover in good people, toxic internal politics, and decreased productivity. It may be hard for the leader to keep his focus on “healthy,” because, as a manager or executive, he likely got his position because of “smart” skills.

However, the “smart” skills are not the biggest opportunity for advantageous transformation. Most companies are smart. But if that’s all the leader aims for, he won’t separate himself or his company in this competitive market.

The wise king who wrote Proverbs knew this truth as well. “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh…” (Proverbs 14:30)

Lencioni calls it healthy. Sinek calls it secure. The wise king calls it tranquil. But the upside down business idea is the same: The biggest successes will be won by healthy, safe, and peaceful teams.

Does your leadership breed confusion and fear? Or does your leadership give the highest performers hope of a bright future and a clear professional path to fulfillment?

Does your team feel confident they can offer criticisms to you and take creative risks without suffering negative consequences? Or does your team fear asking the wrong questions and pushing against the status quo?

Make your people safe. Keep your teams secure. Prove your leadership prioritizes a healthy culture over a smart culture. Success will follow.

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