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Three Enemies Of A Leader

When a well-known politician or celebrity travels in close proximity to large amounts of people, they often hire guards to keep them safe. Crowds bring increased risk. And increased risk means increased need for protection. The king who wrote the … Read More

When The Cure Gives Way To The Disease: A Leader Gone Rotten

Leadership is an alluring destination.  You think you want it. But asking for it seems arrogant. You are happy when you have it. But discussing your position may show a lack of tact.  And while healthy confidence might open a … Read More

Beware Of The Net: How To Spot The Trap Your Employees Are Setting

They say if you’re in business at all, then you are in the business of sales and marketing.  And if you are in the business of sales and marketing, you are trying to make good impressions.  And those good impressions … Read More

How To Tame a Roaring Lion: A Wise Leader Will Change Himself Before Fixing His Team

A wise leader will bring the best out of the team.  A foolish leader will make the team afraid to create, innovate and communicate. That is why when a team transforms from happy, vibrant producers into timid slaves of a … Read More

When A Leader Is Counterproductive

Most leaders would say anger is harmful for office culture and they try to avoid it.  However, some of those same leaders excuse a fit of unchecked anger if they believe the situation warrants it. They assume their fury can … Read More

Who Is Holding Your Mirror?

When a movie wants to portray a character as vain, it often shows the character alone in a room admiring himself in a mirror.  Pride makes him enamored with his own image. A business leader can fall into the same … Read More

Do These 4 Things to Avoid Ruin And Find Success

Executives will rise and fall. Managers will come and go. Very few leaders will have a lasting impact in their field or build a legacy team to continue their mission.  The reason is this: They are missing one of the … Read More

How A Servant Ruled The Son: The Path To Success

The air was sticky and warm. It always was in Memphis until the first winter front came through.  Just a few months before, I had graduated from law school and taken a job in a small firm in my hometown … Read More

Mastering Self-Control: How To Be Better Than He Who Captures A City

The owner of the mid-sized company was excited about the upcoming presentation. She had tasked some of her most creative people to explore whether she should buy a competitor’s business across town.  The deal had risks. But it also had … Read More

Herbs And Oxen: The Secret To a Better Office Culture

One of a manager’s primary concerns should be the culture of his team. It is the fuel that will power productivity and innovation. But often immature executives think of office culture more like an air filter than fuel. They only … Read More