When a King Calls You Names: The Bad Kind of Planning

If it hasn’t already, the day will come when you will arrive at fork in the road in your professional career. One path lacks integrity but offers short-term gain. The second path is ethically prudent but risks immediate fall-out and … Read More

Three Keys To Achieving Your Life Purpose

People seeking to become leaders are focused on taking control of their life. They want to eliminate distractions and associations that don’t add or contribute to their life’s goal.  These go-getters are enthusiastic. They are motivated. They are driven.  But … Read More

Who Is Holding Your Mirror?

When a movie wants to portray a character as vain, it often shows the character alone in a room admiring himself in a mirror.  Pride makes him enamored with his own image. A business leader can fall into the same … Read More

Wisdom Is Better Than Strength

Passive thinking can persuade you that big obstacles are unbeatable. But the bigger army can lose. The larger boxer can get knocked out. The bigger company can fall behind its smaller competition.  It’s important that a leader remember the size … Read More

Mastering Self-Control: How To Be Better Than He Who Captures A City

The owner of the mid-sized company was excited about the upcoming presentation. She had tasked some of her most creative people to explore whether she should buy a competitor’s business across town.  The deal had risks. But it also had … Read More

A Voice From a ’64 Comet: How To Ruin Your Reputation

The 1964 Comet slowly pulled to a stop. My dad was proud of his beige-colored classic with its “3 on the tree” column-mounted manual transmission shifter.  I was in the backseat but was anxious to arrive at our destination. It … Read More

Thai Food and Burning Castles: When It Hurts So Good

“So what do you think I should do?”  That was the question I asked as I sat across the table from a confidant whose opinion I valued greatly. We were in a Thai restaurant. I had been there long enough … Read More

How To Tell Who Is Destroying Your Business

You have built a company that is doing well. You lead a team that is operating smoothly. You run a division that is meeting goals. But as you lay your head on your pillow, you have that nagging concern that … Read More

Leaders Who Lie: When Pragmatism Diverges From Truth-Telling

Duplicitous. It’s a word that describes a type of deception that intentionally hides the truth. A person that is duplicitous basically has two versions of themselves. This person tells certain people one thing but tells another group of people an … Read More

Efforts To Prove Your Wisdom May Be Proof Of a Lack Of It

Everybody knows that guy. Maybe you’ve even been that guy. I’ve probably been that guy. The guy who always has something to say. It doesn’t matter the topic, the occasion, or the people in the room, that guy will freely … Read More