To Alien, Or Not To Alien, That Is The Question: How To Avoid Dread

In the early 1980’s, an entertainment agency was finalizing the details of a soon-to-be-released movie. The agency approached the M&M’s division of Mars, Inc. and asked if their small candies could be featured in the upcoming sci-fi thriller.   The … Read More

Crags and Badgers: Using Small Size To Your Advantage

A wise leader knows the upside down idea: While there is nothing wrong with healthy growth and expansion, the strategic use of a small team can deliver stunning successes. … Read More

Heavy Swords and Kissing On The Lips: How Leaders Deal With Crisis

One of my favorite movie lines occurs in 13th Warrior. Herger stands in a boat and tosses Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan a Viking sword in anticipation of a looming conflict.  Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan complained, “I cannot lift this.”  Smiling, Herger hopped … Read More