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The Second Kind Of Cowardice

Cowardice in leadership is failure to do the right thing out of fear.  Yesterday, we talked about how the fear of the loss of relational acceptance can make a leader ineffective. The second kind of cowardice is rooted in the … Read More

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Two Kinds of Cowardice (Part 1)

“What can I do better?” I asked one of my direct reports that question as I was sitting in my office during one of our regular weekly meetings.  He was one of the company’s top performers and one of my … Read More

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Stupid Leaders Hate Pain

There are many necessary components to robust and authentic leadership. An unseasoned leader will flaunt the areas where she believes she is strong, but she will avoid dealing with those areas where she fears she is weak. A wise leader … Read More

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You Can’t Hide From Your Poor Leadership

Leaders lead. They are in the habit of giving directions and those directions being followed. Leaders are more accustomed to giving feedback than receiving it. And while a team member would be acting recklessly to ignore an evaluation from the … Read More

When A Leader Is Counterproductive

Most leaders would say anger is harmful for office culture and they try to avoid it.  However, some of those same leaders excuse a fit of unchecked anger if they believe the situation warrants it. They assume their fury can … Read More

When a King Calls You Names: The Bad Kind of Planning

If it hasn’t already, the day will come when you will arrive at fork in the road in your professional career. One path lacks integrity but offers short-term gain. The second path is ethically prudent but risks immediate fall-out and … Read More

Three Keys To Achieving Your Life Purpose

People seeking to become leaders are focused on taking control of their life. They want to eliminate distractions and associations that don’t add or contribute to their life’s goal.  These go-getters are enthusiastic. They are motivated. They are driven.  But … Read More

Who Is Holding Your Mirror?

When a movie wants to portray a character as vain, it often shows the character alone in a room admiring himself in a mirror.  Pride makes him enamored with his own image. A business leader can fall into the same … Read More

Do These 4 Things to Avoid Ruin And Find Success

Executives will rise and fall. Managers will come and go. Very few leaders will have a lasting impact in their field or build a legacy team to continue their mission.  The reason is this: They are missing one of the … Read More

The Bridge Between Strategy and Execution

The CEO looks out of his office at the people sitting at their desks. They are hard workers and he is glad they are on his team.   He also knows that in one week, he is announcing a significant … Read More