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The Power Of Storytelling When Discussing Goals

Love is one of the overarching themes of leadership. A proven fact is the most effective leaders love the people they lead. But for most leaders, that initial threshold is a hard one to pass. Unseasoned leaders want to lead … Read More

Beware Of The Net: How To Spot The Trap Your Employees Are Setting

They say if you’re in business at all, then you are in the business of sales and marketing.  And if you are in the business of sales and marketing, you are trying to make good impressions.  And those good impressions … Read More

Do These 4 Things to Avoid Ruin And Find Success

Executives will rise and fall. Managers will come and go. Very few leaders will have a lasting impact in their field or build a legacy team to continue their mission.  The reason is this: They are missing one of the … Read More

Mastering Self-Control: How To Be Better Than He Who Captures A City

The owner of the mid-sized company was excited about the upcoming presentation. She had tasked some of her most creative people to explore whether she should buy a competitor’s business across town.  The deal had risks. But it also had … Read More

Dear Leader, Your Team Wants You To Be Better At This.

The pastor sits at his desk pondering the next year at his church. When he began with this congregation, he was excited about the future. The people were enthusiastic about his leadership and he had limitless energy to respond to … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t “Maintain” Team Morale

Team morale matters. Most managers already know this. But understanding why morale matters and how to increase it is what separates a manager from a leader. A poor manager will look at team morale as an obstacle to overcome. He … Read More

The Better Way For Your Team To Meet Goals

The leaders of the company gathered around a table for their regularly scheduled meeting. The first to give his report was the youngest manager of the group. He happily declared his team had been profitable for the past quarter. He … Read More

An Unexpected Way To Build a Happy And Healthy Team

Today, let’s take a look at what a leaders’ words should be, rather than what they should not be. People are often placed in a position of authority because they have certain natural tendencies. They are more dominant in social … Read More

Make It a Habit To Listen And Learn

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The underdog turtle pulled out a surprising victory in a race against the much faster rabbit because the turtle was steady and did not quit. For sure, the primary moral of … Read More