Why should you hire a business coach?

I am Shaun Hair, the owner and founder of WooTrain, LLC. I offer one-on-one leadership coaching to executives, business leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs and other decision makers.

I am passionate about raising the productivity of teams through improved communication, higher morale, and relationship-based problem solving.

My 3 main goals of coaching are as follows:

Raise organizational productivity: I help identify and address internal and external obstacles that are stopping the client from reaching their maximum potential. The sessions are an environment that is safe for friendly, but challenging, accountability.

Build better teams: My passion is to help clients build healthy, high functioning teams by using creative communication and relationship-based problem solving. Often a leader has obtained their position through technical excellence, but organizational growth has left them without the time or skills to build productive teams. I can help.

Grow skilled leaders: The leaders with the most lasting impact and potential are the people who are lifetime learners. I refine the leadership skills of my clients and produce healthier and more productive organizations.

My professional background includes more than a decade of experience as a civil and criminal trial attorney, as well as serving as vice president of content for a top-performing, national media company. These qualifications provide a unique perspective as I help leaders cultivate higher emotional intelligence, reach measurable goals, communicate with greater impact, think more strategically, manage stress, prioritize their time, and delegate more effectively.

Leadership can be a lonely place. That loneliness produces two things that negatively impact organizations. First, the leader lacks a safe place to discuss goals and challenges. Second, the leader lacks accountability identifying strategies to reach those goals.

Whether the leader wants to close a skill gap or increase their capacity to lead with greater impact and influence, retaining a coach will be one of the most important keys to their future success.

If a client wishes, I can also coach employees and team members within the organization. It is wise to invest in leadership development earlier rather than later.

The coaching sessions focus on what drives performance by helping achieve measurable results and sustain positive change — not only for the client, but also for the client’s team and organization.

Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone unless the client is located in the Phoenix area.


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