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Stupid Leaders Hate Pain

There are many necessary components to robust and authentic leadership. An unseasoned leader will flaunt the areas where she believes she is strong, but she will avoid dealing with those areas where she fears she is weak. A wise leader … Read More

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You Can’t Hide From Your Poor Leadership

Leaders lead. They are in the habit of giving directions and those directions being followed. Leaders are more accustomed to giving feedback than receiving it. And while a team member would be acting recklessly to ignore an evaluation from the … Read More

Don’t Neglect The Most Important Thing

Sometimes we can forget the most important things.  We know we are supposed to be patient. But we forget.  We know we are supposed to be kind. But we forget.  We know we are supposed to be loving. But we … Read More

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The Power Of Storytelling When Discussing Goals

Love is one of the overarching themes of leadership. A proven fact is the most effective leaders love the people they lead. But for most leaders, that initial threshold is a hard one to pass. Unseasoned leaders want to lead … Read More


The Kind Of Leader God Hates

Did you know there are people God hates?  The wise king who wrote Proverbs told his son about this kind of person. So if a leader fits that description, God hates him. That is an uncomfortable thought. And it should … Read More

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Three Enemies Of A Leader

When a well-known politician or celebrity travels in close proximity to large amounts of people, they often hire guards to keep them safe. Crowds bring increased risk. And increased risk means increased need for protection. The king who wrote the … Read More

The Point Of No Return: When It’s Too Late To Be Diligent

Working hard is good.  Being thorough is wise. Carrying out tasks in a conscientious manner is praiseworthy.  These are the marks of a diligent leader. And being diligent is excellent.  But sadly, an arrogant or incompetent leader is often forced … Read More

Who Should You Hire: A Framework For Success

Getting the right employees is a massively important task.   A great hire changes your company’s culture and bottom line, whereas a poor hire drags down the spirits of the entire team and is costly to the organization. So what are … Read More

When The Cure Gives Way To The Disease: A Leader Gone Rotten

Leadership is an alluring destination.  You think you want it. But asking for it seems arrogant. You are happy when you have it. But discussing your position may show a lack of tact.  And while healthy confidence might open a … Read More

Beware Of The Net: How To Spot The Trap Your Employees Are Setting

They say if you’re in business at all, then you are in the business of sales and marketing.  And if you are in the business of sales and marketing, you are trying to make good impressions.  And those good impressions … Read More