Stop Making Leadership Harder Than It Has To Be

Imagine being on the front row of a large stadium watching runners prepare for a long, grueling race. Completing the race will require great endurance and peak physical conditioning. One of the runners catches your eye. He is adding weights to his ankles, wrists, … Read More

Leading Isn’t Directing

Leadership isn’t telling people what to do. Being in charge isn’t giving orders. Being the owner isn’t about bossing other people around.  If you see your position as only permission to direct those around you, then your leadership is tyranny.  … Read More

Don’t Seek Dangerous Treasure

There is a gold that is poison. There is a success that destroys. A wise leader will identify its rotting presence and remove it immediately.  Not all treasure is good. Some of it will defeat you. And for some of … Read More

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The Second Kind Of Cowardice

Cowardice in leadership is failure to do the right thing out of fear.  Yesterday, we talked about how the fear of the loss of relational acceptance can make a leader ineffective. The second kind of cowardice is rooted in the … Read More

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Two Kinds of Cowardice (Part 1)

“What can I do better?” I asked one of my direct reports that question as I was sitting in my office during one of our regular weekly meetings.  He was one of the company’s top performers and one of my … Read More


How To Guarantee You Won’t Get Results

Only a fool would fail to plant seeds and then expect a crop.  It would be a foolish farmer indeed to neglect tending the fields early in the year and then still expect a bounty in warmer weather. The wise … Read More

Sometimes It’s Good Not To See: What A Leader Should Overlook

A leader knows it is more than her words that matter. Her actions, whether intended or not, will set an impactful example for the team. The king who wrote the Proverbs wanted his son, the heir to the throne, to … Read More

A Leader Appreciates The Unique Gifts Of Team Members

A leader knows how to supervise people doing listed tasks. But a wise leader knows how to guide high-performers and attract top talent to his team.  The reason is simple but profound: A wise leader understands the best workers will make a … Read More

You Can’t Be Born With The Greatest Advantage

To get the truest understanding of a message, you must look at its intended audience. In the case of the Proverbs, the intended audience was the son of the wise king.  If you think about a king’s son, the messages … Read More

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How a Smart Leader Ruins a Team

The excellent author and organizational thinker, Patrick Lencioni has said “The health of an organization is the multiplier of its intelligence.”  Expert speaker and viral TED star Simon Sinek became famous for his talk that argued “great leaders are someone … Read More