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Raising Productivity

I will help you identify and address internal and external obstacles that are stopping you from maximum potential.

Building Teams

My passion is to help clients build healthy, high functioning teams by using creative communication and relationship-based problem solving.

Growing Leaders

I refine the leadership skills of my clients and their team to make healthier and more productive organizations.

Six Communication Tips For Leaders

Leaders often obtain their position for reasons that have nothing to do with their ability to communicate. It is imperative leaders learn how to motivate and affirm their team even if their gifting is in another area.

What You Can Learn From The Death Of An Organic Popsicle

It would be a foolish leader that thinks fast growth solves more problems than it creates.

Open-Mind Policy v. Open-Door Policy

Managers often confuse listening with giving team members an opportunity to speak.

Resources For Leaders

The majority of these articles were originally published in a daily email newsletter called Upside Down Business. Upside Down Business is free and is written by Shaun Hair.

Stop Making Leadership Harder Than It Has To Be

Imagine being on the front row of a large stadium watching runners prepare for a long, grueling race. Completing the race will require great endurance and peak physical conditioning. One of the runners catches your eye. He is adding weights to his ankles, wrists, … Read More

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Leading Isn’t Directing

Leadership isn’t telling people what to do. Being in charge isn’t giving orders. Being the owner isn’t about bossing other people around.  If you see your position as only permission to direct those around you, then your leadership is tyranny.  … Read More

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Don’t Seek Dangerous Treasure

There is a gold that is poison. There is a success that destroys. A wise leader will identify its rotting presence and remove it immediately.  Not all treasure is good. Some of it will defeat you. And for some of … Read More

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Mission of WooTrain

Be honest. Deliver results that make a positive difference. Build healthy and happy teams. Rely on timeless wisdom. Have fun.

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